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Fred Vernon

Fred Vernon earned his Bachelor’s in Accounting from Lamar University in 2012 and a dual Master’s degree in Accounting and Business Administration a year later all while founding his company, KLV Ventures…and he turns 30 later this year. His success is only surpassed by the growth he has seen in his asset-based motor carrier business that provides industrial transportation services throughout Southeast Texas, Houston and Dallas. KLV employs 37 people across three states with his list of clients, including FedEx, BNSF, JB Hunt and the U.S. military.

During his time at LU, Fred interned at TriStar Producer Services, founded by LU alumnus Bart Simmons, and saw what it truly meant to be an entrepreneur through building teams, creating jobs and offering opportunities for others. He also learned from professionals who became mentors. “While at TriStar, I had received game changing advice,” he says. “Do not depend on corporate America as your sole source of income, buy yourself a bread route, FedEx route or Doritos route.” Obviously, this is advice he took to heart. Today, Fred is the youngest member of LU’s donor society, the President’s Circle and is giving back in many ways to his alma mater as he runs his company’s fleet of 18 trucks.

Advice he would give those who are considering starting their own business, includes not being afraid to think big, be ready to make sacrifices and put in the work needed to be successful as well as be willing to do what others are not wanting to do while being good at it. Fred credits friends, God and family for making him who he is today and Lamar University for surrounding him with the people necessary to help him learn and form the foundation for his company. “My LU peers were the cornerstone of my development as an undergrad, post graduate and professional,” he explains. “When looking back at it all, my favorite thing about Lamar University is the people.”

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